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Lotus on Forward Thinking Founders

We are passionate about accessibility at Lotus. Our Founder, Dhaval, dives into what this means on an episode of Forward Thinking Founders, hosted by Mat Sherman. Tune in for the quick + meaningful chat (just over 10 minutes) about where Lotus started, our journey so far, and our mission to redefine tech for generations to come.

Lotus is our patented wearable ring to control objects at home by pointing. But it’s more than that- we see it as a catalyst for autonomy and dignity. Dhaval envisions a future where Ring-controllable objects create peace of mind for caregivers and enable individuals of all ages- disabled and non-disabled- to stay in their own homes with freedom and independence.

A white rectangular  switch cover upright beside a grey ring.
Lotus Ring and Switch Cover

Looking ahead, Dhaval (and Lotus) wants to revolutionize hardware, making optimized accessibility the new standard.

10 years from now, I want everyone to be ideally looking back and saying, "I can't believe we used to make hardware that was not optimized for disability first."

Our Thesis: Build tech that is usable by everyone, by optimizing for disability first.

One hand placing the Lotus Ring on the index finger of the other hand.
Wear the ring on your index finger

The future we envision is one where every product considers the diverse needs of all users, breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity. In Dhaval’s words:

Accessibility is never subtractive. It's always additive.

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