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Dhaval sitting casually on a stool smiling.

Origin: Dhaval Patel, Founder & CEO

Ex-Apple Senior Manager And Electrical Engineer

Hey! I'm Dhaval. 


Lotus’ story starts with me and one night of terrible sleep a few years ago. I have an intermittent disability and have been on and off crutches over the years.

I had gotten into bed, only to realize that I had left the hallway light on. I was too exhausted to get on my crutches, hobble over to the light switch, turn it off, and hobble back to bed. So I left the light on—all night. 

I didn't sleep well, but the revelation I had the next morning was pretty amazing. There were two clear problems I was determined to understand better and help solve.


Problem 1: I was one of the 82% of Americans without smart home technology. The time, money, and effort required to integrate were, and continue to be, huge barriers for many.

Problem 2: Accessibility is often an afterthought in product design. Even tech with the potential to be game-changing for folks with disabilities, isn't designed with us in mind.


Now, Lotus exists to solve both problems.

Older adult woman with medium-dark complexion and curly black and grey hair smiling while holding up her fist to show the Lotus Ring on her index finger.


We believe technology is usable by everybody when optimized for disability first.


We build such technology to help save valuable time and effort spent on self-care, while supporting independence and dignity.

Core Beliefs

Technology should be invisible, appearing only when needed. And tech isn't the end-product. Its impact on human life is. 


People - their stories and experiences - provide meaningful foundational data. We value this over mere statistics. 


Life comes first. There is always work to be done, but our sources of joy and purpose should take priority. That's life-work balance.

Two hands with index fingers wearing Lotus Rings and interlocked.
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