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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I share my Lotus Ring with family and friends?
    We recommend that everyone have their own Ring. However, all Rings work with all Switch Covers, so your family and friends can use theirs in your Lotus-integrated space, and vice versa.
  • Does the ring need to be connected?
    The answer is no. The ring works via infrared, just like your TV remote. No rewiring or internet connection needed. Privacy is one of our biggest priorities.
  • What can I use the Lotus Ring for?
    The Lotus Ring can be used to operate anything that is controlled through an existing wall switch. The Lotus Ring will be able to control additional home objects and features, as magnetic covers are designed for them.
  • Where can I use the Lotus Ring?
    Wherever home is for you. Even if you rent your home, relocate often, or simply love to travel. It is completely portable and requires zero installation.
  • What does it mean to reserve a Lotus Ring?
    By reserving a Lotus Ring and 3 Switch Covers, your refundable deposit puts you among the first to receive the Lotus Ring. It does not guarantee a specific delivery date. It is fully refundable until the time your order ships.
  • Where will the Lotus Ring be shipped to?
    The Ring and Switch Covers will only be shipped within North America (for now).
  • Can the Lotus Ring get wet?
    Yes! The Lotus Ring is waterproof. You don’t need to worry about taking it off to shower or wash your hands. In fact, we anticipate that one of its most popular uses will be to control water faucets when hands are full (or dirty).
  • How can I partner with Lotus Labs?
    We are always keen to partner with individuals and organizations! Email us at
  • How can I join the Lotus Labs team?
    We'd love to connect! Email us at As positions open up on the team, we will post them on our website. Stay tuned!

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