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Lotus @ CES 2024

Updated: Feb 12

We are still in awe of the innovative technology we were introduced to at CES 2024. And equally in awe of how widely our own tech + mission resonated with the thousands of folks we connected with. We were the recipients of 2 awards, and couldn't be more honored.

  1. Tech Podcasts Network awarded Lotus Best of CES 2024.

Dhaval holding up a trophy that reads "Tech Podcasts Network Best of CES 2024" with a smile and a thumbs up.
Dhaval showing off Lotus' Best of CES 2024 Award.

And if that wasn’t enough, we saw that same excitement extend beyond CES, with more than 23 content creators + media outlets (and counting) sharing our story online over the last two weeks. Here’s an overview of some of the places we’ve shown up across the web:

Washington Post: The Best and Weirdest of CES 2024 (Chris Velazco)

We will leave it to you to decide which category Lotus falls under!

As a heads up, we are #8 in the article which is free to view, once you enter your email address.

Two men being filmed with a table between them, holding the Lotus prototypes.
Dhaval seated with Chris Velazco for the Washington Post video segment.

“While this tech can be useful for anyone, it’s refreshing to see a company that prioritizes those of us so often underserved”.

Joshua spent some time with us at the booth, asking incredibly thoughtful questions. It was no surprise to see the level of care and attention-to-detail that he put into this video. In addition to the Lotus Ring, it features some other great tech focused on accessibility. The highlight? The viewer comments! Definitely check them out.

Two men standing face-to-face - one holding video equipment. in front of them is a table with Lotus prototypes on it.
Dhaval and Joshua chatting at the Lotus CES Booth.

“The Lotus Ring blurs the boundaries between innovation and inclusivity, promising a future where technology isn’t solely groundbreaking but also inherently inclusive. As the world eagerly awaits this monumental shift in home automation, Lotus continues to redefine what’s possible, fostering a world where technology serves as a bridge to empowerment for everyone.”

On a table are prototypes of the Lotus Ring
Prototypes of the Lotus Ring, Switch Cover, and charger

More articles where you can find Lotus mentioned, alongside other impressive tech:

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