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Introduction Video

Descriptive Transcript



Narration: Rachael could use another pair of hands …or two. [Soft, upbeat background music]

Visual: A pregnant woman (Rachael) enters her front door, holding multiple brown bags filled with groceries in both hands, while speaking on her cellphone that is held between her ear and shoulder. She drops the bags on her kitchen counter.


Narration: Daryl can’t wait to get back on his feet, once his ankle recovers.  

Visual: A teenage boy (Daryl) lying on the couch watching television. He has one foot elevated on a stack of cushions as he reaches for the remote on the table in front of him, accidentally knocking it onto the floor. 


Narration: And Paul remembers his combat days,  but forgets the lights in the hallway.

Visual: A man (Paul) pushes the wheels of his wheelchair, travelling past a set of stairs through the hallway of his home. He is then seated in bed, turning off a lamp on his bedside table. While he's lying down in bed, the hallway light is shining in his eyes, as the door is opened a crack. 


Narration: But what if they could control the world around them…with just a finger? [Music cuts and a rythmuc beat returns] 

Visual: Rachael slides the Lotus Ring onto her index finger while standing at her kitchen sink. She looks directly at the camera with a smile and an eyebrow raise.

Narration: Put on the ring. No need for smart speakers in every room.

Snap on the switch. Magnets mean no rewiring or contractors.

Point-and-click. No apps, no smartphone, no internet.

Visual:  A closeup of Rachael's hand as she slides the Lotus Ring onto her index finger and gently wiggles her fingers. Followed by a closeup of Rachael placing a Lotus Switch Cover onto a wall switch. Last is a closeup of Rachael pressing the Lotus Ring with the thumb of the same hand, turning on recess lighting down a hallway. A  3D rendering of the Lotus Ring against a neutral background  is shown rotating. 


Narration: Control lights, fans, appliances.

Visual: Paul is seated in his wheelchair, aiming the Lotus Ring on his index finger towards a lamp to turn it on, followed by a fan on the other side of the room. 

Narration: Even the TV!

Visual: A split screen features an on-screen app selection menu, where the volume is increasing, on the left. A closeup of Daryl using his thumb sliding along the edge of the Lotus Ring worn on his index finger, on the right.

On Screen Text: This feature will be available in the future.


Narration: Go from Home to Smart Home in Seconds. 

Visual: Return to Paul, after he has turned on the appliances in his room with his Lotus Ring. He has his finger pointing up in front of his face, and is jokingly blowing on it as if it is magic or his "secret weapon". 

Narration: Take it with you, wherever life takes you - as an owner, renter, or visitor. Friends & family can use their Ring in your home,  and you in theirs.

Visual: An older adult man is using a walker and ascending an external staircase to Rachael's front door. He knocks on the door and she opens it to invite him in. A closeup of his hand shows him wearing the Lotus Ring and clicking the button.


Narration: Lotus uses infrared.

Visual: A split screen with Daryl on the couch using his Lotus Ring to control the television on top, and a 3D rendering of the Lotus Ring flashing a red infrared beam on the bottom.


Narration: Keeping your private moments private.

Visual: Rachael is singing into her hairbrush while getting ready in her bathroom. Paul is covered in bubbles while in the bath.

Narration: Lotus helps you live life on your terms. Less time connecting your devices. More time connecting with each other.

Visual: Rachael is sitting on her couch beside the older adult man (her father) as he uses the Lotus Ring to turn on the lights from where he is sitting. He looks amazes as she smiles. They are then shown hugging right inside her front door.


Narration: Lotus. Empowering independence. 

Visual: A rotating 3D rendering of the Lotus Ring against a neutral background.

On Screen Text: Lotus. Empowering Independence.

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